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We can offer the following resistors:


SMD Standard Resistors, Thick Film; 1% and 5%, 1 to 100 M Ohm

SMD Resistors Thin Film High Precision (1% to 0,01%) Low TCR (1 to 50 ppm and current sensing thin film

SMD Resistors currents sensing low ohm Series 1 and

SMD Resistors currents senisng low ohm low cost series

SMD High Power1

SMD High Voltage


SMD Resistors Low Ohm Metal Strip




SMD Resistors Chip Array

SMD Network Resistors


MELF Carbon


Wire Type:

Cement Resistors

Carbon Film Resistors

Metal Film Resistors

Metal Oxide Resistors

Wire Wound Resistors


We also have alternative series available, not shown here:

For further information please contact our sales(at) team.

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